Why feeling angry can help you find inner peace

Only five minutes on my Facebook feed and I feel like I’m a ping pong ball, bouncing back and forth between posts from Trump supporters and Trump haters.

On one side, you’ve got a video clip from a woman angrily (passionately?) defending Trump and his past efforts to support immigrants. On the opposite side you’ve got Lego revealing it will stop advertising their products in the Daily Mail – a newspaper that ‘promotes hate’.

I slam down my laptop screen and I notice my jaw is as stiff as my hips these days and I’ve dropped into shallow breathing.  Anger, insecurity and anxiety are lurking in the alleyways of my mind and body.

Have you ever felt a similar concoction of emotions?

More importantly, are you allowing yourself to feel and explore the ‘lower energy feelings’, even though you’re more of a glass-half-full-kinda-gal (like me)?

If not, here’s why you’ll want to pause on flipping the positivity switch too quickly and honour the whole spectrum of feelings swirling inside of you:

Your feelings are doorways into your inner dialogues, beliefs and unhealed wounds.


If we believe that the outer world is a reflection of our inner world (and I do), then what we’re experiencing in our external reality is a magnified representation of what’s happening on a micro-level within each of us.

That means that you can use every circumstance that’s happening around you to learn more about yourself – if you take the time to explore what’s underneath the surface.

So how do you do that?

You start by taking a deep breath and silencing the noise from the outer world so you can tune in to what’s going on in your inner world.  Maybe that’s doing a short meditation, taking 30 minutes for silent journaling time or if you’re like me, going on a 24-hour media diet.

Your goal is to explore what’s going on underneath the surface for you. What do your feelings reveal to you? 

Here are some questions you can use to support your process: 

  • What is it I’m feeling right now?
  • Where am I feeling it in my body (describe it)?
  • What does it remind me of?
  • What other memories come up for me around this?
  • Where or who do I need to forgive?
  • What old wounds are still there to heal?

Getting connected to these answers may not change who the President is, but I’m convinced it will liberate you from feeling powerless.

I recently reflected on these questions and I was instantly reminded of a moment when I was in grade school, and I was told to “Go back home” by a non-coloured schoolgirl.  On one hand…it really confused me because I was born in Canada (?!).  But on the other hand it made me feel small, unwelcome and angry.

Discovering this was a gift, because it let me know that I was still holding on to these feelings, at least on a subconscious level, and that’s not exactly helpful for a woman who wants to live a life of ease and flow.  It hardens my heart.  It makes me shrink.  It clogs the flow pipes.

Through journaling and other forgiveness resources, I was able to naturally shift into the lighter, open-hearted version of me.  I was able to breath deeply again.  And this is the place where I can be of service to others.  This is the liberation I mentioned earlier!


So, now it’s your turn. In the comments tell me:

What feelings want to be expressed within you?  What memories are being triggered and what will you do to release them?

Or,  what’s your favourite practice for healing old wounds?

With love, hope and softness,

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