Dive into this guide and learn how to break free from the busy-stress-overwhelm cycle, without having to attend a time management seminar or download another productivity app

Flow. The elusive, mysterious and optimal state of being that so many of us have experienced, even though we have no clue we hacked into it.

  • Like the writer, who gets a burst of inspiration and pours out three chapters worth of words for her new book, without being tempted to scroll, click or double-tap. Productivity is in her DNA.
  • Or the motivational speaker who’s so in the zone, that he goes off script and seduces an entire audience with an improvised speech that ‘came out of nowhere’. He is creating it in the moment.
  • Or the entrepreneur who whips through a days’ worth of to-dos, before the clock strikes 11am, without needing her double shot of espresso…and still feels energized to do more. Time is her lover.

What’s the common denominator between these three mortals?

They’ve all hacked into the flow state.

They are completely absorbed, engaged and feeling fulfilled by the task at hand.
In these moments, the concept of time, the need for food and the ego-self are absent.
Instead, there is a melting of the mind with, dare we say, universal consciousness.

The outcome of being in flow?
Effortless creations, a sense of achievement and joy to the bones.

Flow is no longer a fluffy concept.
Now there’s DATA to back up it’s value.

Did you know that a recent study conducted by the Flow Genome Project found that entrepreneurs, scientists and writers reported being seven times, 700 percent, more creative when in flow

Another 10 year McKinsey and Co. study found top executives 500 percent more productive when in flow?

And happiness? According to the research of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, founder of Flow Psychology, people are happiest when they are in a state of flow.

Flow is your shortcut to boosting your inspiration, solving challenges and outperforming your competition.

Imagine what that boost in productivity would do for your business.
That level of happiness for your relationships and health?

And the good news?

Now you can find your flow – on demand – without needing five thousand hours of happiness training, ayahuasca or a degree in psychology. All you have to do is learn how to get out of the way.

See, we believe that flow is your natural state of being.  And while most flow gurus will teach you tips and tricks on how to get there, our approach is easier: stay where you are and your flow will find you.

The Ultimate Guide to Finding your Flow:

How to break free from the busy/stress/overwhelm cycle without having to attend a time management seminar or download another productivity app.

  • What is Flow and What’s in it for you?

  • Flow blocker #1

    Breaking your Bondage with Busy

  • Flow blocker #2

    Say Sayonara to Stress

  • Flow blocker #3

    Obliterate Overwhelm into Oblivion

  • Flow blocker #4

    Lose those Limiting Beliefs

  • Flow blocker #5

    Goodbye Greasy Guilt

Flow - the natural state of being that has you on a happy-high, without needing the 4 bedroom house, the Mercedes or the high fives from your boss.  When you’re in it, you know it because you feel your best and perform your best.

So what do psychologists have to say about this state? And does it impact our happiness?

Bottom line: Yes. And the benefits go beyond happiness. Think creativity, productivity and an ability to draw opportunities to you. #metahuman

Even your brain waves change when you’re in the flow state so that you can access information and intuition beyond normal conscious awareness.

Dig into the following posts to find out just how good things can get when you’re in the flow zone.