TMI Will Clog Your Mental Pipes



I have finally discovered the sense and sensibility for slow-to-start days, extra long morning coffee breaks and why sometimes I want to avoid my laptop like it’s a loaf of bread covered with fungus (yuck – had to throw that out the other day!).

It came to me today when I glanced at the clock and saw it was 11am and all I had mustered up the moxie to do was eat breakfast, guzzle 2 cups of coffee, pull off a 20 minute guided meditation and string a few nonsensical sentences together in my fancy new journal.

And that’s when it hit me.  I’m doing everything to avoid my laptop because…

In a (pea)nut shell, there’s just too much.  I already have waaaaayy to many stray thoughts, random facts, million-dollar business ideas and wandering to-do lists floating around in my head, that my body is physically preventing me from doing anything that will bring me face to face with MORE information.

You know this feeling right?  When you just can’t muster up the mojo to really do anything, let alone anything productive!

Well my friend, here’s the good news.  It’s not about you being lazy and it’s not the time to point the finger at yourself for all the things you think you ‘should’ be doing – so just kick those inner critics to the curb!

It’s a sign.

It’s a sign that your mental sink is clogged up and it’s time for some human-friendly Drano.

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So when you are hit with this syndrome, don’t try to fake it till you make it.

Instead, grab a piece of paper and start scribbling.  Get all those thoughts out!

Thoughts about what to make for dinner, the friend you haven’t spoken to lately, the pile of books you wish you had time to read, the train ticket you need to book – it’s all taking up space and it’s the reason why you are feeling stuck (or at least some of the reasons why I was!).

Trust me – if you get all these floating objects out of your psyche, creativity, motivation and flow will be restored.  In fact, it’s exactly what got me into the right mental space to write this post!  Now that’s proof in the (chocolate) pudding.

So – are you ready to sanitize your pipes so that you can your flow back on?

Your Flow Challenge

This week, when you feel stuck in flow-concrete, grab an 8 ½  x 11  (or an A4 as they say in Europe), set the timer on your phone for 5 minutes, and let it rip.

Write.  Scribble.  Get out anything and everything that crosses your mind.

Special love note for the perfectionists: This is NOT about being productive, neat or strategic!  This is not the time to pull out your cute journal with your matching magic markers.  It’s about free writing and purging.  In fact, bonus points goes to the messiest and most illegible notes!


When the timer goes off: RIP IT UP! Throw it away.  This is about cleaning the pipes, and last I checked, you don’t hang onto the hair that you’ve pulled out of the bathroom sink, do you? (Eww – had to do that this weekend too!).

Let the thoughts hit the can with the paper and breath into the blue sky of your mind.

Let’s Chit Chat

Did you have an A-Ha once you cleaned the pipes? Or do you have another tip for getting out of these flow-block moments?

Well come on then, let’s hear ’em!  

Leave a love note below!

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