Too busy juggling All. The. Things? Yikes! Hey, you’re in the Right Place!

Introducing: Tap Into Flow

Tap into Flow is the ultimate , Steeped-in-Science System designed to Help You Step Off the Busy Bus and Manifest the Success, Joy and Abundance You Desire

Hey there frazzled and overwhelmed friend!

We see you.

You’ve had it.

Your busy mode is constantly on.

You’re always on the go.

Your heart’s racing and blood’s pumping but not because you’re with a drop-dead gorgeous date but because you’ve got deadlines to meet and details to crunch.

A big part of you can’t take it anymore.


Then you wonder...

What would happen if you just pressed the ‘stop’ switch?

Would your business derail at breakneck speed?

Would your friends and family quietly snigger at or sympathize with
your ‘sorry’ state?

Would your hopes and dreams come crashing down?

Would they? Really?

Spoiler alert: NO!

*cue angels singing!*

Pressing the stop button on the insane busyness that drives your life like a drunk driver careening towards a crash will not lead to disaster and despair.

That is the myth you’ve been feeding off for all of your adult life.

We spend our days slogging through crammed inboxes, throwing back lattes like Tequila shots while we dash to and from impromptu meetings, eyes superglued to our smartphones while our special moments pass us by, blurry and ignored!

We obsess about our to-do lists.

We hold our joy in a full nelson until we “make it” and buy that bigger house, land that major client, fit into our college jeans, find our Mr. Darcy, (insert-whatever-societal-trend-there-is!)

We let other people’s opinions and our inner mean girl tell us what is or isn’t possible,
or what we are or aren’t capable of.

We’ve convinced ourselves we’re not worthy of our desires until we’re rubbing shoulders with industry superstars, we’re cracking $10k months, we drop a size, or we’re settled down with a couple of kiddos (like our siblings and BFFs).

We associate me-time with Googling our monthly astrology forecast and watching an episode of Suits before we collapse into bed at the end of the night... only to start the whole twisted rigmarole all over again in the morning!

We’re led to believe that in order to get anything we want, we have to push ourselves to the max.

Hustle harder. Do More.

You're STUCK in this soul-draining cycle of stress, busyness and overwhelm that has become your natural state, not by your choice.

Because you’ve been programmed to believe that this is the way
it HAS to be.

You've been sold the idea that:

 If you're not busy, you're lazy.

 You have to choose between happiness and success.

 That "nothing worth having comes easy".

Busyness serves as a kind of existential reassurance, a hedge against emptiness...”

Tim Krieder, The Busy Trap (New York Times)

We’re conditioned to believe that being busy is the right way to live if we want to be an achiever and accomplish those big dreams and bold goals.

We’re taught that letting go and going with the flow isn’t “right”.

But here’s the unvarnished truth...

‘Being busy’ is as fashionable as a knockoff Michael Kors handbag and just about as healthy as eating your way through a bag of Doritos!

fact #1

Workers in the US put in nearly 14 more work weeks and take negligble time off as compared to workers in Norway who enjoy nearly 70 vacation days per year.  (source: Swenson, Margin)

fact #2

Job pressure and money are the top two causes of stress in the U.S. (source: American Institute of Stress)

Yes, my stressed-and-stretched-thin friend, you aren’t the only one who’s being
eaten alive by the busyness epidemic.

Now, we know...

...The question whirling around like an out-of-control hurricane in your head is

When do things get easier?
(Hint: right here, right now!)

Introducing: Tap Into Flow

The Only Easy-Button System for Thriving without Striving Using a Mean Mix of Science and Spirituality!

Tap into Flow is an instant-access 6-week LIVE program that teaches soul-fuelled women professionals and entrepreneurs (like you!) a scientific formula for finding your flow and tapping into your own inner resources, so you can create the reality of your dreams with more ease and less struggle!

What most of us don't realise - and what Tap Into Flow will help you master is: our thoughts, beliefs and emotions shape our reality, not the other way around.



 You think “sweet spots” and “zones of genius” are intangible concepts, and only found by singing kumbaya around your passion boards. Or worse, years of trial and error.

 You’ve got an iTunes playlist filled with mantras and meditations that leave you right where you started.

 You’ve already signed up for other programs with the same promise of attracting your desires, but all you’ve got to show for it is another login and password (and content you only got halfway through before it started collecting digital dust bunnies).

 You’ve read self-help books and written down affirmations, but you still haven’t reached the level of fulfillment and success you want.

 And honestly, you don’t really get how this manifesting stuff works. (Yes, you’ve tried!)

Tap into Flow is our Signature program


...which means it has literally EVERYTHING you need to know about choosing a different way of living, working, loving and being.

The one where the possibilities are endless.

The one where the only reality is the one you believe to be true.

It’s about putting theory into practice, so you find your OWN proof in the pudding.

Because you don’t need another self-help book or motivational quote tacked on your wall that gives you too much talk and not enough walk.

It’s about getting you to a place where you never again have to depend on a person or external circumstance to be happy or feel worthy.

Meet Your Flow Finders
Seema and Peter

Hi there!! Tap Into Flow is the brainchild of Peter Teijgeman and Seema Sodha!

Together, we are going to show you how to use quantum science to create quantum leaps in your life. 

Both of us have a solid corporate background AND are successful, location-independent entrepreneurs
so we know what migraine-inducing, ulcer-causing hustle feels like.

Peter’s a certified leadership coach who is also an engineer with a Master’s in Artificial Intelligence and certifications from the International Coaching Federation, The Coaches Training Institute and The Leadership Circle amongst others.

With over 25 years of experience at Capgemini, Peter is also the co-creator of the Inspiration and Employability center.


A successful National Sales Trainer, Seema is armed with a B.Sc in Psychology and an ACC designation with the International Coaching Federation and has personally experienced the head-spinning pace of the corporate world coupled with the heart-wrenching pressure that comes when trying to find your perfect partner!

Through our personal journey of discovering how to bring flow back into our lives, we’ve created a unique system that combines the essence of quantum physics with the practicality of actionable strategies so you can experience a mindset shift like nothing else!

We’ve taken detours, we’ve been stuck and we’ve sure had our fair share of spinning our wheels and not going anywhere!

From what started as a life experiment, to see if the flow state was possible and sustainable, it has become the foundation of our teaching and coaching for men and women, worldwide.

We’ve discovered and mastered the power of Reiki and Akashic Soul Readings and now incorporate these into our teachings and lessons to give you that perfect blend of soul-uplifting spirituality with strategic science.

And here’s what we’ve learnt: You don’t need to push, force, hustle your way to success, abundance, love or whatever it is that your heart desires.

In fact, it is the other way round.

You can have it easy.

You can have it simple.

You can have it when you want it.

You just need to know how to make it happen.

Luckily, for you, we’re here to show you the HOW.

Both of us have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and professionals worldwide and have tested the Tap into Flow system on them.

The results are breathtaking!

From more time to more money to a better job to an ideal life partner, Tap into Flow artists have created the life they want without the hustle and overwhelm they hate.

The next round of the Tap Into Flow Signature Program is coming up in 2018!

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