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Hi! We're Peter Teijgeman and Seema Sodha, Leadership coaches and global trainers, and cultivating a Flow mindset is our obsession, along with quality flat whites and binge watching Suits.

Being on the frequency of gratitude is a cornerstone in our Flow mindset model and together, we're going to show you the easiest 5 minute process that will get you buzzing in minutes and catapult you into a more creative and productive zone.

Oh, and if it's okay with you, we're going to have some fun!  

Something else you should know? Both of us have a solid corporate background AND are successful, location-independent entrepreneurs so we know what ulcer-causing hustle can feel like. It's daunting. It's tiring. And it's unnecessary. This challenge will help you side step the hustle and start to samba! Ole!

We also know that practising graitude is not just about unicorns and cotton candy. It's necessary for your effectiveness as a leader beacuse it slingshots you out of a reactive, auto-pilot mindset into a creative, at-choice and Flow mindset. Imagine how that would amplify your impact as a leader?!

That's just a sip of what you'll be drinking during the 5 Day Challenge. 

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See you on the flipside!

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