The power of choosing to begin again

It’s so easy.

It’s easy to feel behind.

It’s easy to feel like you haven’t done enough.

It’s easy to assume all your biz buddies have their Q1 plans mapped out and are in full-on implementation mode with their editorial calendars, their social media posts and their launch funnels.

On this path of thinking, it’s easy to make up that your friends have completed a 30-day yoga challenge with a 100% participation score. Meanwhile, forget the downward dog – you can’t even find your yoga mat!

It’s easy to make up stories like that.

But it’s just as easy to make up a different, more supportive story.

It’s also easy to make up that in a world of 7 billion people, there must be someone else who feels behind.

It’s also easy to make up that there must be someone else who’s still figuring out his or her newsletter goals.

That there must be another mortal who despite the best of intentions, has yet to lay down a yoga mat, dive into that new book or open up the Headspace app to begin a meditation practice.

And when those are the kinds of stories you tell yourself, you’ll loosen up.

You’ll feel less alone.

You’ll realize that you too are human, and sometimes all you need to ‘do’, is begin again.

So today I invite you to read the writing on the wall – literally.

This is the poster on the wall across from me as I sip my flat white at Mia coffee shop in Malaga:

The cartoon-like characters and scribbles outside the lines make me smile.

It reminds me to play.

To have fun.

To colour outside the lines.

To not sweat the small stuff.


Today is a new day.

You can begin again.

You can create a new story.

So what will your new story be?  

In the words of Olivia Fox Cabane in her book, The Charisma Myth: Master the Art of Personal Magnetism:



Let us know in the comments below!

For the love of flow,

P.S If you’re still looking for a way to set intentions and goals for 2018, this will help you do that.

Want a sneak peek into our goals?  Watch this video where Peter and I share our theme words and how you can use yours to guide your decisions this year.


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4 years ago

I remember about 2 years ago everything that could go wrong in my morning did. It was so upsetting. I was lucky enough to have a few spare hours in the middle of my day, so I went back to bed, had an amazing nap, and when I woke up, I intentionally told myself I was giving myself a re-do. The rest of my day was amazing. Your blog has reminded me of that this morning, so you’ll never guess what I’m about to do….. zzzzzzz I love that I can reset and begin again in any given moment. I’m… Read more »

4 years ago
Reply to  Beth

And thank you for the powerful reminder that a nap can be a powerful reset button Beth!

4 years ago

UGH girl! You are reading my mind. While I love having an intentional goal-setting practice annually and quarterly, I’ve found that sometimes I need to give myself more space and flexibility, and just go with the flow of my desires. I started using a habit tracker at the end of 2017, but there are days that going through the checkmarks on my daily ritual actually robs me of the joy and peace I’m seeking through it. Maybe I feel like going for a hike instead of meditating or I want to nestle into a fun book instead of working out… Read more »

4 years ago
Reply to  Janine

That sounds like a powerful insight Janine! And don’t you find that the more space you give yourself, ironically the more gets done? Here’s to beginning ‘your way’!

4 years ago

Love it! It’s so easy to slip into this thinking so it’s awesome to be reminded, thank you ❤️

4 years ago
Reply to  Marie-Claire

You’re welcome Marie-Claire! Thanks for reading.