One simple way to kick fear in the butt

Have you ever had a goal that lit you on fire? The kind where you eat, sleep and breathe it? Consume it as it consumes you? You feel energized..happy…as elated as a woman who walks into a Kate Spade store and notices a ‘50% off’ sign plastered on the front window. And have you ever…

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What can you learn about a KISS from your Dad?

Keep It Simple Stupid. The KISS acronym strikes again. I decided to sleep at my parent’s house last night so that we could celebrate Father’s Day in the morning with a simple breakfast together. Before watching a movie together, I asked (or grilled, depending on who is telling the story!) my dad questions to get…

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How To Avoid The Flow Trap a.k.a the place of stress and twisted knickers

  “Now that I feel so good (happy, grounded, in flow…), how can I stay here?” There it was again. The question I get asked 90% of the time from my clients, colleagues and friends (one of the heart warming benefits of being seen as the go-to gal in the happiness and flow field). I think it…

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