Want a lifestyle that's abundant in freedom, adventure and contribution without the expanded waistline or bags under your eyes?

Oh dear frazzled and tired friend. We see you.

You're busy mode is constantly on.

You're throwing back lattes like they were Tequila shots.

You're growing your business and impact in the world, but it's adding years to the age according to your passport.

You're inbox is overflowing and the overwhelm is turning you into an impatient (even impolite?) friend and partner.

You're running out of gas and you know you're going to crash and burn if something doesn't change.

But you're afraid that if you stop or slow down, your business or impact as a leader will derail at lightening speed.

Like we said, we see you. We've been there. And we're here to tell you the unvarnished truth. Being busy is as fashionable as a knock-off Michael Kors handbag and as sustainable as the latest detox cleanse.

Hey there, we're Peter and Seema! Coaches, global trainers, travel buffs and flat white fans (snobs?).


  • Plug into a lifestyle of freedom & ease, without needing more dollars in the bank account
  • Obliterate their overwhelm and amplify their charisma and confidence as a leader
  • Cure their creative ruts and launch their next genius idea into the world *cha-ching
  • Pimp up their productivity and make free-time a priority, without the guilt
  • Look and feel 10 years younger, without needing botox or a detox

Living an abundant lifestyle doesn't have to come at the price of your waistline or your beauty sleep and we can show you how to create it so that you'll be the radiant leader that your colleagues and friends envy.