Have you been struggling

...to hide the green-eyed monster from spewing negativity when you see others race ahead of you with their exotic trips and hefty paydays?

Have you been hunting for a simple, “non-woo” way of shifting these negative thoughts that are roosting inside your brain?

Have you been Googling “how to be more positive” and then rolling your eyes at the ludicrous advice you find?

You aren’t
the only one.

That’s right.

OF OTHERS who like you struggle to stay positive and create a life that flows with ease and abundance.

You aren’t the only one...

Hi! We’re Peter Teijgeman
and Seema Sodha!

And we’re the creators of 3 Days to Flow.

Here’s why we know what we’re talking about when it comes to living a happier and
richer life using the proven principles of quantum physics.

Alright, Peter’s going to go first.

I'm Peter

I’m a certified leadership coach who is also an engineer with a Master’s in Artificial Intelligence and certifications from the International Coaching Federation, The Coaches Training Institute and The Leadership Circle amongst others. That’s right. Told ya’ we’ve got the street cred! 😉

I have over 25 years of experience at Capgemini and am the co-creator of the Inspiration and Employability center.

My creative and strategic input in 3 Days to Flow comes from the fact that clients experience results that leave them {and those around them!} awe-struck.

Don’t believe me though... here’s just a glimpse of the results I’ve accomplished:

One of my clients found out (by surprise!) that working with people was way more important to him than the technical challenges he was used to!

As a result he said no to projects that he had been saying yes to simply out of habit and lack of clarity and eventually he left his company and found his perfect match for who he is today.

Another client was in-between jobs and had the ‘I’m not good enough’ belief; we worked on that and by the end of our 6 months together he had 5 offers on the table!!!

But the real reason we created 3 Days to Flow is because over the last so many years, my clients kept asking me to create a bite-sized version of the deep work that I do with them to create radical clarity, bust limiting beliefs and transform their effectiveness by giving them the blueprint to back in flow!

And now... over to Seema!

I'm Seema

Armed with a B.Sc in Psychology and an ACC designation with the International Coaching Federation, I bring my deep understanding of the human brain and psyche to share with you...

... why things worth having CAN come easy!  

Here’s a little backstory for you...

In my previous corporate avatar, I believed that the harder I worked, the more successful I’d be. The long hours, the frenetic pace, the gut-wrenching overwhelm – were all embraced because “it was normal.”

Even when it came to love, I thought I’d have to look tirelessly and kiss a lot of frogs to find my perfect partner. Because that’s what conventional wisdom said.

And yet, the more I tried to get what I wanted, the more out of reach it seemed.

I knew there had to be a better way...

An easier, quicker, more soul-satisfying way to be the woman I wanted to be, living the life I wanted to live.

It took a lot of self-discovery.

Trial and error.

Mindset shifting. (And yes, The Mindy Project bingefests!)

But eventually, I learned that things worth having CAN come easy when you’re in a state of flow.

You, consciously, carve out new neural pathways that become the freeways for your dreams, and your BELIEF makes you feel what you want to, at the moment.


When I finally realized this truth, all the pieces fell into place.

I found my other half.

My daily happiness quota expanded.

I left Toronto to live in Europe and run my coaching business online.

I’m doing what I love, sharing my gifts with others, and enjoying total lifestyle freedom.

I get to wake up to my sweeter-than-Belgian-waffles existence every morning, and life feels easy!

From what started as a life experiment, to see if the flow state was possible and sustainable, it has become the foundation of my teaching and coaching for women, worldwide.

And now... YOU have the chance of experiencing this life-shifting,
mindset-changing, overwhelm-busting formula from the comfort of your home!

Because, believe it or not, “nothing worth having comes easy” is a myth that has us trying to work harder to earn something that’s readily available to us when we’re in flow.

Feeling aligned and “in your zone” isn’t magic, or even reserved for a special few.

It’s a natural state that we ALL have the power to tap into right now, before we manifest a single thing on our passion board.

And you’re 3 days and a “RealityReset” Formula away from experiencing how powerful you really are at magnetizing your dream life.

Introducing 3 Days to Flow:
The Fastest Way to Beat Overwhelm and Chronic Negativity at their Own Game While Resetting Your
Reality in 3, 2, 1...

No matter
what form of

...dream-busting, joy-blocking, success-sabotaging and creativity-draining thought loop you’ve got on auto play, NOW is the time to break up with it.

Your success depends on it.

And trust me when I say that you don't need a salary increase, a long list of mad-for-you clients or a brand new Tesla to feel happier.

What you need is a pattern interrupt.

3 Days to Flow

3 Days to Flow is the shortest, most effective way to flex your manifesting muscle and break the worry-stress-overwhelm cycle and actually start enjoying your life...

...without having to “hustle harder”, workshop your time management skills or turn into a quantum physicist!

This easy-to-follow, easier-to-implement video series gives you the keys to find your flow state so you can be more successful, focused and peaceful...


You do it using a heady cocktail of neuroscience and practical exercises that actually work for people like you who question the woo-woo.

Here’s What 3 Days to Flow Will Give You:


Armed with the tools and strategies in 3 Days to Flow, you will experience razor-sharp clarity on why you're spinning your wheels or grossly overwhelmed. 

You'll enjoy an easy way to identify the "flow"-filled areas of your life AND exactly how to extend that flow to all other areas WHILE getting those "a-ha!" breakthroughs even when you feel that you already know the reason for your stuckness!


This is a given, considering you will be going through 3 Days to Flow!

You'll uncover how using the RealityReset formula lays the foundation for understanding what flow is and how to get into it.

Add to that the power of using Quantum Physics principles so you can not only enjoy being in 'flow' but also, create the reality you truly want and deserve.


3 Days to Flow puts you on the personal development superhighway with a fast-track to creating neural pathways that bring happiness, abundance and ease into your life.

PLUS...The quick-button-action impact leads to sustainable change in habits and patterns to ensure you don't go down the rocky trail of overwhelm and negativity again.


The best part about 3 Days to Flow is that we guarantee you'll have F-U-N even if you're a chronic list-maker who feels "going-with-the-flow" is for wusses! Uh-huh!

In fact, you'll discover how you can actually get MORE done when you stay loose and take it easy!

Inside 3 Days to Flow,
You’ll Find:


The Flow Artists Facebook Community

Get direct access to both Seema and Peter along with an intimate community of like-minded flow artists so you can unlock your creativity and attract abundance while masterminding with others! .

The creative visualization exercise

helped solidify what I want to achieve for myself!
I often go back and listen to it so that I can keep my head in that same (ease and flow) space.

Pharmaceutical Executive

I really enjoyed this video series because of the formula Seema shared.

It helped me re-focus my thoughts, re-connect with my dream and feel how good it is to have all that I want - right now. It was super helpful, authentic and inspirational!

Executive Coach and Consultant

I loved this video series!

It gives a flavour of Seema’s style and the knowledge she has to share. The bite-sized pieces of information with a call to action at the end were perfect to keep the momentum flowing.

Senior Marketing Manager

I learnt that Flow is so much more than just a few changed habits

It is an emotion, a trust in yourself that takes you beyond your imagination. And Seema took me right there with her open heart and amazing energy! I am making this training a habit from now on!

Business and Team Coach

Click the big, green button below to say YES to:


For only $129, you can create the reality you deserve
without losing touch with who you really are.

imagine this

You wake up in the morning feeling clear-headed, confident and completely in control because you know exactly what you need to do in order to land your next 5-star client.

As you work through the day, you effortlessly move through your to-do list with zero overwhelm since you’re laser-focused and “in the zone” all the time.

You, no longer, have to battle energy vampires or soul-sucking thoughts since you’ve got the tools you need to keep yourself positive and upbeat!

Creative ruts are a thing of the past and simply spending 20 minutes on your couch, listening to a flow-inducing visualization has you experience the most juiciest, jaw-dropping, sexiest, free and joyful version of yourself.

When your head hits the pillow every night, you are content and calm, and you sleep like a baby because you no longer feel lost and disillusioned with life.

In fact, you have clarity and confidence that comes from knowing that you’re in control and have the tools to create the life you want!

Reset Your Reality, Refresh
Your Senses, Regain Control

With 3 Days to Flow, you get everything you need to slay overwhelm,
reset your reality and refresh your soul with the lusciousness of practical positivity.

You get:

3 short and easy-to-follow video tutorials that give you clarity about where you are right now and why. You discover how to create your desired reality and build the belief system that you can do it with ease and flow.

A virtual reality visualization to leverage the power of your subconscious mind and fast track your success.

Beautifully designed flow sheets so you can absorb the concepts, work on them and commit them to memory with jaw-dropping ease.

Daily missions designed for you to take bite-sized steps, so you move the needle from “theory” to actual results.

Community support via a private Facebook group so you can get the inspiration
and encouragement you need and also, get direct access to us!


3 Days to Flow Is for You
If You Are:

Questions Folks Asked Before Signing Up for 3 Days to Flow

Will this work for me even if I don’t believe in crystals and affirmations? +

Yes it will work for you!

Everything we teach is based on scientific concepts from neuroscience and quantum physics.

Both of us come from a left-brained, corporate background and we can assure you that we’ve been where you are, needing the science to back up claims like ‘what you look for, you will find’.

We’ve tested the concepts in our own lives and with our one-on-one clients. It works – no crystals required.

I’ve tried reading The Secret and other Law of Attraction books and found them incredibly silly. Will this be any different? +

A book and a tutorial are as different as chalk and cheese.  In a tutorial, we walk you through, so you experience the concepts instead of theorizing about them.  

As experienced coaches and trainers, we know that to adapt something new into your life, you need to go step by step starting at the point where you are right now.

If you’re like us, that means needing food for your left-brained side too!

That’s why we included the down-to-earth, practical exercises we use that give direct results.

How much time will this need? I can’t spend an hour every day working on this. +

We know, and neither can we!

That’s why we created short videos with a total viewing time of only 34 minutes. When you add the time it takes to complete the exercises, you will need a maximum of 20 minutes per day for 3 days.

What are some of the results I can expect to see and how soon? +

The clarity, momentum and fun already begins after the first exercise.

Our biggest goal was to avoid that you have to wait weeks until you feel your flow coming back.

Plus, you will feel powerful because you’re regaining control of your life, energized because you’re having fun again and excited that you believe again that you CAN change things in your life.

And when you’re feeling these things, THAT’s when you whip out content

Will I get anything in the mail? +

You wouldn’t get anything in the post but your inbox will be zinging!

Once you sign up, you will get a confirmation email with your login details.  

Also, to help you along your journey, you will get email prompts for each of the 3 days to keep you focused, on track and flowing.

Plus, you’ll get exclusive flow-boosting insights and insider news too!!  

What if I don’t like this? Can I get my money back? +

We’ve poured in hours of heart-centered work into creating these videos and resources for you. We know that when you apply what we’ve shared with you, you will see results.

We don’t offer refunds for 3 Days to Flow but will love to guide you so you can make the perfect decision.

Email us at seema@tapintoflow.com and we’ll be happy to help you out!  

I still have questions. How can I reach you? +

Sure! Email us at seema@tapintoflow.com and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

Here’s what I want you to know...

3 Days to Flow isn’t about Jedi mind tricks or candy-coated fluff.

As a Certified Coach, who has coached and trained hundreds of women worldwide, I focus on bridging the yawning gap between quantum physics and psychology, so you get to see results.

My mission is sublimely simple: To help you go from stagnating to flowing, so you can become the most fabulicious, fierce and fully focused version of YOU in a lot less time and with way more ease.


then join us for 3 Days to Flow by clicking the button below.